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Kinds of food can help reduce work pressure, improve mood

1 berry: Berry is rich in vitamin C, can help us to relieve stress, relax the nerve.
2 salmon: Salmon rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, can enhance the immune system, relieve mental pressure.
3 citrus: citrus fruits contain rich minerals and vitamins, can make people happy, regulate the tension.
4 avocado, next time when you on high fat, butter food mouth watering, refused to ice cream, replaced by homemade guacamole. Its mellow taste can meet your needs, reduce the rage. In addition, the single unsaturated fat, potassium can reduce blood pressure. According to one of the Institute’s report, one of the best ways to reduce high blood pressure is to get enough potassium. Half an avocado can provide 487 mg of potassium is higher than that of a medium sized banana. DIY guacamole, a medium sized avocado stir into mashed, add 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a little pepper can be.
5 almond: almond can protect the cardiovascular system, enhance immunity, and bring joy to the people.
6 skim milk: scientists confirmed that the treatment of insomnia and anxiety disorders of the traditional hot milk therapy is effective. Experts, calcium can reduce muscle cramps, relieve pressure. Drink a cup of milk (preferably skim or 1% fat milk) can relieve premenstrual syndrome, for example, mood changes, anxiety, irritability, a study showed that and weekly up to drink a cup of milk compared to women, drink four or more cups of low-fat or skim milk of women suffering from the front harness combined risk of disease decreased by 46%.
7 cereal: experts, the body absorbs the slow speed of carbohydrates, the level of serum amines is more stable, the less likely the case of sudden collapse of emotion. Sticky, rich in fiber, can slow down the absorption rate of the stomach.
Experts also recommend adding jam in cereal to speed up the speed of the brain to produce serum amines. When you have to face the high pressure of the day, you should avoid the processing of food, so the food digest faster, it is best to choose the old cereal. If the breakfast time is tight, can choose instant oatmeal, Cocoa Puffs away.
8 spinach: magnesium calm down effect. When you start a new round of chat at a company party, this kind of minerals helps to reduce stress and keep you in a relatively relaxed state. Magnesium deficiency can lead to migraine headaches, fatigue. A bowl of spinach can provide 40% of the daily intake of magnesium. The next time you make a sandwich and salad, try the spinach instead of the cabbage.

Characteristics of the disease in the elderly

Because of the special nature of the old people’s physiology and pathology, the old people have their own special characteristics, including the following:
(1) at the same time, a variety of diseases
An old man with a variety of diseases at the same time. According to statistics, the elderly average at the same time with 4 to 6 kinds of diseases or more, such as an old man can also suffer from hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia and carotid push disease, mild cataract, lumbar muscle strain etc.. Although these diseases exist at the same time in the human body, but there is always a priority, there must be a 1 ~ 2 kinds of disease, the harm of, Yun to the risk of fatal.

2) disease complications

When complications when suffering from a particular disease, complicated byother illnesses on the basis of the disease. Due to the decrease of immunefunction in the elderly, poor resistance to external microorganisms andother exciting combat capability is weak, the prevalence in the elderly thanthe young are more susceptible to complications. For example old stroke,coma, after surgery or fracture are complicated by pneumonia.

(3) water and electrolyte disturbance

Normally the body needs a certain amount of water and essentialelectrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, and other, to meet metabolic needsand balance. Due to the intracellular fluid of the body of the elderlyreduces cell degeneration, organ atrophy if fever or vomiting, diarrhea,very prone to water and electrolyte disturbances.

(4) symptoms are not typical, not obvious
The elderly due to reduced body morphology and function, reaction of weakened, sensitive to the reaction of pain and disease in children and young people does not like. As in adolescence, when the high fever reaction in the elderly due to decreased reaction performance for low fever or fever, and if the elderly patients with my infarction, rarely in the middle-aged people with severe chest pain, but almost no pain or only show a slight sense of chest tightness. Therefore, the elderly are often not clearly explain their pain and discomfort, or vague expression.
(5) the occurrence of a mental disorder or mental disorder
Due to the elderly patients with atherosclerosis, insufficient blood supply to the brain, when infection, fever, dehydration, arrhythmia, etc., prone to lethargy, delirium, speak nonsense, delirious to coma and other symptoms, which is due to cerebral hypoxia. Some diseases may be the main manifestation of sudden coma.
(6) the onset of the disease is fast and prone to systemic failure.
The old people’s internal organs reserve function is low, once the illness, the disease is easy to deteriorate rapidly. This is due to the original state of the balance of some organs and functions of rapid failure and involves multiple organ damage.

(7) after the illness, recovery is slow and poor
Due to the low metabolic rate of the elderly, the function of tissue and organ regeneration ability is poor, so, after the illness often not easy to recover, or to recover slowly, the base to many diseases also left sequelae, often need to take rehabilitation measures.
(8) over reliance on drugs
Old people have a disease, which is an inertial reaction. The use of old people is a very complicated problem. Improper use of drugs, such as a doctor for a long time frequently to the patient to use a certain drug, the formation of the patient’s tolerance to a drug, drug misuse for the patient’s own reasons for the patient often not to the patient’s condition to use excessive drugs, resulting in drug resistance, drug abuse. Whether drug abuse, or drug abuse, can cause drug dependence.
(9) a greater response to the drug
Elderly patients, such as excessive or improper dosage, with the elderly themselves to the drug reaction, it is easy to drug toxicity reaction, and even because of drug reactions and increase the disease, or to make health threatened.

Understanding Hepar, for health


Hepar is generally located in the right hypochondriac region and epigastric region, most of them are costal arch cover. Only in the abdominal area and right costal arch asked a fraction of exposed and are in direct contact with the anterior abdominal wall, Hepar and the upper part of the neurological and anterior abdominal wall is connected. From the point of view of body surface projection, the Hepar margin in the right midclavicular line the fifth rib; Hepar margin in the right side of the midline of right monium bone, which is consistent with the right costal arch. Some think, if in the adult Hepar costal arch is palpable, many pathological hepatomegaly. The position of the lower edge of the Hepar is generally lower, and the small part is normal.

The location of the Hepar can be changed with the breathing, the general calm breathing when the lift up to 2 ~ 3cm, standing breathing slightly decreased, supine breathing when a slight rise.

How big is the human body?






Normal Hepar of human body is reddish brown, soft texture, weight of about 2% of body weight. According to statistics, China’s adult Hepar weight, the male is 1157 ~ 1447g, the female is 1 029-1379g, the most weight is about 2000g, the length, width, thickness of Hepar is about 25 2cm. 15 8cm. 5 8cm.

What are the other physiological functions of the Hepar?

(I) function of the secretion and discharge of bile. Hepar in 24 hours can produce about 1 liters of bile, the bile duct transported to the gallbladder, gallbladder from the function of concentration and discharge of bile, bile can promote the digestion and absorption of fat in the small intestine.

(2) detoxification function. Toxic substances produced by foreign or in vivo metabolism, which are required to be toxic to the Hepar and thus degrade into non-toxic or soluble substances, and then excreted in bile or urine.



(3) immune function. The Hepar is a human immune defense system turned to organs. Mononuclear macrophage 90% exists in the Hepar, can swallow leisure all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and some proinflammatory cytokines, intrahepatic some cells also secrete “cell factor” and “hasten factor, can play a local immune regulation. Hepar disease, the body will lose some immune function, infection caused by a variety of opportunities will increase.

(4) the function of the blood. The Hepar is the main hematopoietic organ in the fetus, and it is replaced by the bone marrow in the adult, and the function of blood is stopped, but the function can be recovered in some pathological conditions. In addition, almost all of the clotting factors are synthesized by the Hepar. The Hepar plays an important role in maintaining the dynamic balance of the two systems of human blood coagulation and anticoagulation. So the severity of Hepar function damage is parallel to the degree of blood coagulation disorders, Hepar function failure often occurs severe bleeding.