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Why do women live longer than men

Women tend to live longer than men, scientists in the study of female life expectancy is generally higher than men. Summarized the following points.

Female body has a genetic “drainage system. It can eliminate the body of bad material, so that they are not easy to develop cancer or diabetes; women in vivo estrogen has the role of prevention of heart disease, so women’s heart disease incidence is almost 50% lower than men.

Female immunity. In normal activities will make the body tiny tissue damage, broken emblem small tissue if timely repair, people is not easy to get sick and death. It is now found that women in the body of the repair material than men.

Female longevity and menstruation related. Because of the regular monthly bleeding can accelerate the blood of update, the partial red blood cells do not wait until the natural decline can be discharged in vitro at the same time, can also. Force. New blood. In this way, the decline of the material is little, the new blood, so the blood of women than young and energetic man outside “. That is to say, women’s ability to clear up the waste of waste than men, because of the accumulation of waste caused by the possibility of aging, and thus more likely to live longer.

Women more love cry. Through tears, women can promptly excreted on the body of harmful substances, which is also conducive to postpone the senescence of organs compared, boys tears not to flip. The result is a long time to keep the harmful substances, which is harmful to health.