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Over reliance will be accelerated aging

Long long ago a person was old, the body will be old, the function will be degraded, the physical strength will be weakened, and this is not the natural law. Children, relatives and rest Institute staff, give the elderly some love and care is as it should be, which will bring more convenient to the daily life of the elderly, the elderly really well, a feeling of happiness, for that they are carefree dignity. However, from the old people’s physical health and mental health care, life in old age is too dependent on others to take care of, it is easy to have some side effects, which is the most important is to accelerate the aging of people.

Zhang and Liu and retired cadres, two people to be roughly the same age. Zhang due to the children in the side, many living things and don’t want to trouble others are run, do their own, from buying food to cook engage in health, greeting sent to friends. But everyone said, Zhang retirement these years nothing changes, a little old. And Liu is different, the event by retired cadres staff help to do, living things depend on in the busy side of the sons and daughters, Liu is a day doing nothing. Results in his body is to be more lazy, head is to be more heavy, serious illness although not discover, ailment has continued all day in a dazely, listless, microscopic 7 said he was old T. seems, elderly life have to rely on, do appropriate is a good thing, excessive reliance on it may turn into a bad thing.

Children honor their parents is as it should be, but the children have their own things to do. Therefore, asked the children constantly in the side, or on call, these are not realistic, it is unreasonable. From the satisfaction of the psychological needs of the elderly, the parents of the children have a dependence on the feelings of the following reasons.
1, the old people unique loneliness and loneliness, so that the elderly need more intimate relationship.
Since 2, busy to idle, have yet to find new alternative events in life.
3, the scope of interpersonal communication is narrow, the life of a close friend is not much.
4, the old couple communication and exchange of quality is not high, is love and care of the psychological satisfaction degree.
5, the future life without goals, life in a daze.
6, the future life without goals, life in a daze.
First, from the angle of psychology, too dependent on others is premature to to oneself into the ranks of the elderly, that he was old and feeble, is useless the. Once a person’s mood once is incompetent, useless, helpless, it is easy to lose the independence and subjective initiative of life, too lazy to arrange their own life, so as to further accelerate physical and mental aging. Generally speaking, a person from jobs retired a few years ago, the body healthier, more vigorous effort, have a stronger ability to live independently, completely don’t have to rely on others, to give yourself a “I’m ok. ,. I’m not old. Psychological suggestion, will have the spirit.

Secondly, some chronic diseases of the old comrades, originally after recuperation and functional training, can be gradually improved or recovered. But if too dependent on other people’s care, always feel left out of their own, they will lose confidence and will to overcome the disease, weakening their immune function and inherent resistance. From the loss of confidence, to the loss of capacity, their own tree. “Enemy into lethal barrier recovery. As the saying goes. Use it, you don’t have to go back.. For some old age, it is not possible to rely solely on the care of others. There is a 76 year old elderly, the thigh bone fracture in bed for more than 3 months can not play. When the fixed plaster is open, the old man’s leg muscles have been severely atrophic, unable to stand, his family to give him a wheelchair. Did not expect the strong man, simply adhere to the teeth, a little something practice standing, walking training, finally can proudly, independent living the. If he removed the plaster, he sat in a wheelchair to take care of others, maybe he really must always be with the wheelchair as a partner.

In addition, the elderly avoid over reliance on others, independently arrange their own lives, but also to effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the retirement is not just to let their own body to rest, the elderly should be based on their own interests and hobbies, to make their own retirement life arranged to be rich and meaningful. Old people should also pay attention to the cultivation of new points of interest, especially for their sports, don’t let yourself idle. In this way, not only can make their own body to get the appropriate exercise, but also through the use of their brains, cultivate sentiments, to prevent premature aging of the brain.
A song to sing well. The revolution forever young, she is like a big pine evergreen —. Old friends may wish to consider retirement life as a new starting point of life, is to enter the old age of new beginning, relying on their own, with their own hands to dress up the beautiful scenery of the sunset!