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The harm of excessive caffeine

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You may not be surprised, substances causing high anxiety among others, caffeine, caffeine in coffee, tea, Cola, Chairman of excitatory substance. For most people, regular doses of caffeine to improve mood and mental performance is relatively safe. But for some brain cells in people who are sensitive to caffeine, 5-6 cups of coffee a day can lead to certain recognized psychiatric symptoms. Zeng further large amount of caffeine, according to individual sensitivity to caffeine, but overwhelming control of more butter people. As a matter of fact. United States Institute of psychoanalysis “caffeine intoxication” as a mental disorder, its symptoms include nervousness, excitement, anxiety, tachycardia, insomnia, irritability, thought, and speech disorder. Huatelide medical center of psychoanalysis as the Washington, DC, former Director of the Research Office Johns · Germany points out, symptoms of neurosis and anxiety symptoms of caffeine intoxication in essence distinction purely wasted a lot of testing in clinical treatment, large amounts of sedatives and psychiatric care, these are to find a disease that does not exist, but simply due to the excessive application of caffeine. Dr greed recommends that says some people are likely to need drugs to relieve anxiety, but for some people, removing caffeine may be better than taking any other medicines.


You may will awareness to himself, and family members or friends is suffered with like one 37 age Colonel by experience of test; up two years of long of chronic anxiety, including daily sleepy, and quite shake, and on work results of worried, and stomach does not apply sense, and disturbed, and repeatedly diarrhea, and insomnia, and sleep Shi network very short, and easy woke up I in standard of anxiety test in the scored high, description anxiety degree quite serious. Three laboratory tests found no abnormality; ordinary doses of valium and other sedatives did not work, and to do its work. When he finally encounters greed recommends huatelide Washington Military Medical Center Dr, greed recommends doctor told him caffeine intoxication may be the main reason for their anxiety. The Colonel could hardly believe it. For him, 8~14 cups of coffee a day was routine and was “necessary”. When anxiety is hard to bear when he quit caffeine. Symptoms begin within 1 month, 3 months after the trapped Utah anxiety magically disappear for a long time.


Obviously, as mentioned in Dr UDE, some big breasts more sensitive to medications, panic patients with mental anchor drink less caffeine will only lose self-control. But may also occur with different doses of caffeine can cause many non-suspicious individuals, including children in panic-prone mental anchor, fear and anxiety. Course, are suspicious of the nervous system, caffeine only cause anxiety and fear for the caffeine-induced anxiety and panic disorder common? Maikelaimu of the London Psychoanalytic Institute, Dr Bruce said caffeine was neglected for severe anxiety and discomfort of the predisposing factors. In a recent study, he found 25 ZR anxiety patients miraculously returned to normal after the removal of coffee. Dr Bruce said more typical is the case of a 33-year old female patient, she had severe anxiety and discomfort for a long time, 10 m 2-3 panic attacks every week, medication and psychotherapy are not valid. As the United Kingdom part of traditional life, her 99 drinking about 9 cups of tea a day, the equivalent of 540 mg of caffeine or 5-6 Cup of coffee. As an attempt, Dr Bruce unnecessarily play John Brown for 1 week. She felt the condition immediately improved, immediately cancel the drug treatment. Her panic attacks disappeared. Never relapse, except in rare circumstances, such as when she was a week when more than half a cup of tea intake, excess of Yao Fei also can trigger panic attacks.