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Kinds of food can help reduce work pressure, improve mood

1 berry: Berry is rich in vitamin C, can help us to relieve stress, relax the nerve.
2 salmon: Salmon rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, can enhance the immune system, relieve mental pressure.
3 citrus: citrus fruits contain rich minerals and vitamins, can make people happy, regulate the tension.
4 avocado, next time when you on high fat, butter food mouth watering, refused to ice cream, replaced by homemade guacamole. Its mellow taste can meet your needs, reduce the rage. In addition, the single unsaturated fat, potassium can reduce blood pressure. According to one of the Institute’s report, one of the best ways to reduce high blood pressure is to get enough potassium. Half an avocado can provide 487 mg of potassium is higher than that of a medium sized banana. DIY guacamole, a medium sized avocado stir into mashed, add 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a little pepper can be.
5 almond: almond can protect the cardiovascular system, enhance immunity, and bring joy to the people.
6 skim milk: scientists confirmed that the treatment of insomnia and anxiety disorders of the traditional hot milk therapy is effective. Experts, calcium can reduce muscle cramps, relieve pressure. Drink a cup of milk (preferably skim or 1% fat milk) can relieve premenstrual syndrome, for example, mood changes, anxiety, irritability, a study showed that and weekly up to drink a cup of milk compared to women, drink four or more cups of low-fat or skim milk of women suffering from the front harness combined risk of disease decreased by 46%.
7 cereal: experts, the body absorbs the slow speed of carbohydrates, the level of serum amines is more stable, the less likely the case of sudden collapse of emotion. Sticky, rich in fiber, can slow down the absorption rate of the stomach.
Experts also recommend adding jam in cereal to speed up the speed of the brain to produce serum amines. When you have to face the high pressure of the day, you should avoid the processing of food, so the food digest faster, it is best to choose the old cereal. If the breakfast time is tight, can choose instant oatmeal, Cocoa Puffs away.
8 spinach: magnesium calm down effect. When you start a new round of chat at a company party, this kind of minerals helps to reduce stress and keep you in a relatively relaxed state. Magnesium deficiency can lead to migraine headaches, fatigue. A bowl of spinach can provide 40% of the daily intake of magnesium. The next time you make a sandwich and salad, try the spinach instead of the cabbage.

How important is it for the elderly

How important is it for the elderly

Is the old man at the age of 90 will not give up talking and sex, and “thief” did not die. Roughly half of the old man who is no longer active, or is something wrong with the body, or have no chance or restricted.

Due to the lack of information on the activities of the elderly, Australia Dr Hyde from 1996 to 2009, between the 3 time points for community based 2,783 75-95 Australia men on sexual attitudes and sexual behaviour, as well as physical and social factors that affect their sex survey, and measured their testosterone levels. Survey 2/3 at marriage or long-term sexual partners, 85.9% reporting have had some sexual activity in their life, most people only ever made love with the opposite sex, most people only have 1 sexual partner. 48.8% believe that to some extent but also is an important part of their lives. There are 30.8% people in the past year at least 1 time in sexual life, 857 people, more than half are satisfied with their sex, 43% hope that some more. Awareness and reduce the frequency of sexual activity with increasing age, 75-79 59% of respondents think sex is an important part of life, 39.6% has had sex in the past year and has over 90 years of 20.9% and 11% respectively.

In sexually active older men, almost half said their main reason for this is that the body is out of order, or there is no opportunity or restricted. Other reasons include lack of interest in health issues with their partners. Multiple cross-sectional analysis indicated that the decline in risk activities associated with the following factors:

– Age; – partner interest – your partner’s body limits – osteoporosis;

– Prostate cancer – diabetes; – taking antidepressant drugs;-the use of beta blocking agents.

A longitudinal analysis with similar results, and found that each standard deviation increase in free testosterone with 20% increases the likelihood of sexual activity. But it is not clear whether Testosterone therapy will have a positive effect, especially since the inactive man is the most common cause of health problems. There seem to be a large proportion of the elderly man’s sexual needs are not being met.

Effect of spinach

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If someone told you that green vegetables helps improve mood 7 or you down just because you’re not eating enough beans and green leafy vegetables? it’s almost impossible. Unlikely anyone ever tell you. However surprisingly medicine has proved that Americans in particular United States women’s widespread lack of Indigo will cause mental anchor. Especially depression and schizophrenia and mental decline. Folic acid is from the green leafy vegetables high in vitamin b, at best content I ever get rich. Scientists have recognized as broken as a role of antidepressant substances.

McGill University’s Dr. Kimberly Young has a lot of evidence that Ye Shu Xia spent about suppression, and folic acid. Elimination of folic acid deficiency can cure depression. Yang stated, on how widespread the effects of folic acid in brain function, it is obvious: the various forms of mental disorder patients, especially depression patients, usually Folate deficiency is likely to be higher than that of ordinary people, and low folate spirit sound out a patient’s condition is more serious. He said there are good reasons why the living Su deficiency causes depression, one of the reasons is that Ye Yanxia spent will cause the brain it is HT levels.

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Airbrushing in the experimental subjects were eating folic acid foods 5 months later, day out Zhao, forgetfulness, easily. Restore vitamin intake can make the most of the symptoms disappear within 2 days. you have the anti-endostatin on Liao Dali role, which will be filed by taking for treatment of 75 cases of anti-patient, double-blind trials. Researchers asked half the subjects taking 200 mg of folic acid (equivalent to folic acid content in 3/4 cup spinach) 1 year and half took a placebo and found that folic acid depression significantly improved. Yang suggested that folic acid-sensitive individuals taking 200-509 mg per day have the anti-endostatin, which obtained Suo Keshan of subsistence food. But it should also be noted that large doses of Ye Rong may have toxic effects.