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Pregnant women can do sauna?

sauna steamer
Some pregnant women still like hot springs, sauna. Obstetrics experts pointed out that pregnant women can soak spa, sauna, but every few minutes like.
Haidian District, a section of kin produce MCH chief physician told reporters pointed out that person spa, sauna are vasodilation in time. For pregnant women, compared with non-pregnant, hot springs will increase their blood volume by about 20% to 30%, will speed up the heart rate about 15 times, while the blood pressure will rise. This is likely to lead to insufficient blood supply to pregnant women as well as fluctuations in blood pressure, and pregnant women, the fetus itself no good, and may even cause abruption.
Therefore, experts advise pregnant women, normal bathing during pregnancy is good, if the hot springs or sauna, like a few minutes, the time not too long.