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Summer beware of psychological heat stroke

Summer beware of psychological heat stroke
Summer, the scorching sun, hot pressing, hot weather so many people eat, sleep instability, resulting in dysfunctional biological clock at the same time, but also easy to cause psychological anxiety, irritability, good temper and other phenomena.
Psychological experts point out that, in fact, people’s emotions and the climate has a close relationship, when temperatures exceed 35 degrees Celsius, sunshine for more than 12 hours, climate change on human emotions significantly affect, resulting in emotional and cognitive behavior disorders.” In addition, high temperature weather led to a general decline in appetite, coupled with poor sleep quality and sweating, will affect the body electrolyte metabolism, thereby affecting the brain nerve activity, so that people’s emotional and behavioral abnormalities, that is, psychological heat stroke phenomenon.
Experts advise, eat light food, when the body sweating for a long time, drink plenty of water at the same time should be appropriate to add salt, drink some soup, a disorder of the nervous system to help prevent electrolyte disorder caused by. Clothing can choose white, light blue, light green color; pay attention to rest, sleep quality, and according to the characteristics of the summer, should adjust their pace of life; irritability when listen to soothing music, relax, meet the unsatisfactory unpleasant things, it is best to calm down and avoid stamp with rage, and temporary withdrawal; usually communicate with friends, so as to alleviate the psychological pressure.

To slow the aging need to start from the protection of the lung

To slow the aging need to start from the protection of the lung
Elderly patients often suffer from multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome is the main cause of death in critically ill elderly patients. Because of the occurrence of multiple organ dysfunction in the elderly is two or more than two organs at the same time or the onset of the sequential process similar to the Domino phenomenon, therefore, to identify which is the first of the organs, in place to identify and block the occurrence of organ dysfunction or failure of linkage, as well as the association between the organs, are important.
Earlier has been proposed that multiple organ failure in gastrointestinal or liver is the center of the key organs, a number of studies have shown that, lung is likely to elderly patients with multiple organ dysfunction is not full of initiating organ. The main basis is that with age, lung aging, functional decline, and therefore, the same external stimuli lead to older people’s lung disease than in young and middle-aged serious, difficult to treat, the prognosis is poor. Two is the lung is the only direct contact with the outside world, the important organs, and the external stimulation of the most contact, resulting in a strong inflammatory response, resulting in a greater damage to the important organs of the body. Three is the old people’s immune function is low, the special defense function of the lung. A large number of long-term clinical treatment found that elderly patients with multiple organ dysfunction in the pathogenesis of the disease, pulmonary infection accounted for 75.4%-82.8%. The above characteristics indicate that the lung is the most vulnerable and vulnerable organ in the human body.
So, protect the human body of the lung. Delicate. Organ, can greatly reduce the incidence of senile multiple organ failure, so as to prolong the life of the elderly, improve the health of the elderly.

Understanding Hepar, for health


Hepar is generally located in the right hypochondriac region and epigastric region, most of them are costal arch cover. Only in the abdominal area and right costal arch asked a fraction of exposed and are in direct contact with the anterior abdominal wall, Hepar and the upper part of the neurological and anterior abdominal wall is connected. From the point of view of body surface projection, the Hepar margin in the right midclavicular line the fifth rib; Hepar margin in the right side of the midline of right monium bone, which is consistent with the right costal arch. Some think, if in the adult Hepar costal arch is palpable, many pathological hepatomegaly. The position of the lower edge of the Hepar is generally lower, and the small part is normal.

The location of the Hepar can be changed with the breathing, the general calm breathing when the lift up to 2 ~ 3cm, standing breathing slightly decreased, supine breathing when a slight rise.

How big is the human body?






Normal Hepar of human body is reddish brown, soft texture, weight of about 2% of body weight. According to statistics, China’s adult Hepar weight, the male is 1157 ~ 1447g, the female is 1 029-1379g, the most weight is about 2000g, the length, width, thickness of Hepar is about 25 2cm. 15 8cm. 5 8cm.

What are the other physiological functions of the Hepar?

(I) function of the secretion and discharge of bile. Hepar in 24 hours can produce about 1 liters of bile, the bile duct transported to the gallbladder, gallbladder from the function of concentration and discharge of bile, bile can promote the digestion and absorption of fat in the small intestine.

(2) detoxification function. Toxic substances produced by foreign or in vivo metabolism, which are required to be toxic to the Hepar and thus degrade into non-toxic or soluble substances, and then excreted in bile or urine.



(3) immune function. The Hepar is a human immune defense system turned to organs. Mononuclear macrophage 90% exists in the Hepar, can swallow leisure all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and some proinflammatory cytokines, intrahepatic some cells also secrete “cell factor” and “hasten factor, can play a local immune regulation. Hepar disease, the body will lose some immune function, infection caused by a variety of opportunities will increase.

(4) the function of the blood. The Hepar is the main hematopoietic organ in the fetus, and it is replaced by the bone marrow in the adult, and the function of blood is stopped, but the function can be recovered in some pathological conditions. In addition, almost all of the clotting factors are synthesized by the Hepar. The Hepar plays an important role in maintaining the dynamic balance of the two systems of human blood coagulation and anticoagulation. So the severity of Hepar function damage is parallel to the degree of blood coagulation disorders, Hepar function failure often occurs severe bleeding.