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How important is it for the elderly

How important is it for the elderly

Is the old man at the age of 90 will not give up talking and sex, and “thief” did not die. Roughly half of the old man who is no longer active, or is something wrong with the body, or have no chance or restricted.

Due to the lack of information on the activities of the elderly, Australia Dr Hyde from 1996 to 2009, between the 3 time points for community based 2,783 75-95 Australia men on sexual attitudes and sexual behaviour, as well as physical and social factors that affect their sex survey, and measured their testosterone levels. Survey 2/3 at marriage or long-term sexual partners, 85.9% reporting have had some sexual activity in their life, most people only ever made love with the opposite sex, most people only have 1 sexual partner. 48.8% believe that to some extent but also is an important part of their lives. There are 30.8% people in the past year at least 1 time in sexual life, 857 people, more than half are satisfied with their sex, 43% hope that some more. Awareness and reduce the frequency of sexual activity with increasing age, 75-79 59% of respondents think sex is an important part of life, 39.6% has had sex in the past year and has over 90 years of 20.9% and 11% respectively.

In sexually active older men, almost half said their main reason for this is that the body is out of order, or there is no opportunity or restricted. Other reasons include lack of interest in health issues with their partners. Multiple cross-sectional analysis indicated that the decline in risk activities associated with the following factors:

– Age; – partner interest – your partner’s body limits – osteoporosis;

– Prostate cancer – diabetes; – taking antidepressant drugs;-the use of beta blocking agents.

A longitudinal analysis with similar results, and found that each standard deviation increase in free testosterone with 20% increases the likelihood of sexual activity. But it is not clear whether Testosterone therapy will have a positive effect, especially since the inactive man is the most common cause of health problems. There seem to be a large proportion of the elderly man’s sexual needs are not being met.

Life not to refuse sex

Life not to refuse sex

Sex is sex and sex mature couple indispensable emotional and physical communication. Scientific research confirms: moderate sex lives of the elderly, can also contribute to longevity and delay aging. According to foreign reports, abstinence, and the aging and mortality rates higher than normal sex 30%.

Traditionally, people’s interest in sexual activity is declining with age, until finally losing. A lot of people are seen as vulgar sex between older men and women, as well a little dirty things, they don’t seem to believe that older people also “do this”, in fact, it is contrary to the facts. According to the statistical experts, approximately 70% man at age 68, still regularly engaging in sexual activity, even at the age of 78 groups, there are 25% people continue to maintain an active sex life.

Age-related behavior is not necessarily to achieve ejaculation do not. Sexuality can be divided into fullness ease and contacts. Fullness ease also known as drain refers to in the presence of sex hormones, the body has a full sense of fullness and desire they excreted. Male penile erection and ejaculation, females in heat of genital congestion, Bartholin vaginal secretions and others. Bilge to alleviate the instinct of desire is man and the higher animals, from the birth of a baby to the elderly, it is always there. Elderly couple, apart from the spiritual love of communication, another important aspect is the contact, physical contact, fondling, sex organs and stimulate each other. Older people these do not necessarily lead to sex sex sex pleasure, for physical health, emotional harmony and eliminate the loneliness was useful.

Moderate, harmonious sexual life for elderly mental and health benefits is embodied in the following two points:

① moderate sex life makes life rich in his later years for the old couple, effectively reducing loneliness, loneliness, emptiness, which affect life of negative feelings and emotions.

To the elderly, social work and responsibilities in order to reduce, children grow up, and chores are greatly reduced, and older couples live together, and tend to be relatively quiet, with nothing to do. This is a reduced number of sex, but its importance is growing.

During this period, moderate sex life can make both sides more Exchange of feelings, depending on each other, so as to better experience to the comfort both for yourself. With this experience, older adults may feel that their value and meaning, happiness and contentment in a happy marriage. Especially in older men, before retiring to work as the Center, lives in retirement tend to feel monotonous and lonely, and unlike the older women stopping by to chat can be used to make up for, so women should fully understand the point, adequately meets their requirements, and to share the joy.

② moderate sex lives of the elderly can be enhanced confidence and vitality.

Greatest anguish and inferiority of the elderly, is the loss of vitality. With sexual activity, decline in physical strength and all organs, anguish and inferiority of the elderly more and more serious. Some elderly people are swallowed up of trouble, the result has greatly accelerated aging. Doug Network TCM health-in fact, the sex lives of older persons, the question is not how many, but have to be positive about it. So, in a limited number of each sex, the elderly will feel the presence of a life of its own.

By good moderate of sex produced of active optimistic of spirit State and self-confidence, not only will enhanced elderly body against disease of capacity, and in elderly by disease of combat Shi also helps body of rehabilitation, so sex conducive to elderly of longevity, this is why often has spouse of old men and women than no spouse of more longevity, which sex life harmony of and than sex life or sex not harmony of life more long.

Old people sex issues began to get people’s attention is a good thing, but also pay attention to the elderly’s body has changed, older sex features.

(1) body fat reduction

Reduction of body fat in the elderly, the elderly are more likely to chill the body in regulating cold and heat capacity, so older people having sex should pay attention to room temperature adjustment, to avoid the cold in the winter, to avoid sweating in the summer collapse.

(2) loss of skin elasticity, variation

The thin skin of the elderly, decreased elastic, reduction of body fat, increasing wrinkles. In addition, skin sensation changes in the elderly, dull. Therefore older persons before and after sex to protect the skin and prevent dryness and desquamation of the skin. Some older people are sensitive to touch, not willing to accept as I used too much foreplay.

(3) muscular dystrophy

Because of muscle atrophy in the elderly, decreased muscle strength, flexibility and durability reduced, so pay attention to too much sex action not too large, so as to avoid back pain, not even to muscle damage, and more labor-saving position.

(4) reduced cerebral blood flow

Aging Brain decline in blood flow can make the body function. Therefore, in sexual intercourse should be avoided during orthostatic hypotension causes dizziness or fainting, get up not too suddenly, and to avoid excessive bending or stretching of the neck.

(5) reflective slow

Nerve conduction velocity to make the reflection of our elderly, and therefore sex important note the characteristics of physiological changes, should let the elderly recognizes that sexual arousal process can be slow, just be patient, not rush because this is physiological consequences of change, are not only subjective consciousness can be corrected. Husbands have to wait until the wife fully excited – fully wet vagina after sex, being a wife or husband’s erectile dysfunction is slow and distracted, should patiently help husbands excited.

(6) difficulty breathing

Due to the decline in lung capacity in the elderly, over strenuous exercise can make the shortness of breath and deepen, and breathing difficulties. Therefore, sexual positions can select side, side so that they do not have to take the other’s weight, more conducive to breathe smoothly.

(7) decreased heart function

Cardiac output in the elderly than the young 30% to 40% can be reduced, the time required for return to normal heart rate after exercise also extended. Age increases peripheral vascular resistance, also adds to the difficulty of cardiac ejection. Therefore, to avoid too much tension and too much intense exercise for older people is to have security implications, so as not to increase the burden of cardiovascular system. Life needs energy and their intensity varies, therefore remarriage wedding stages, reunion and so easy to get overly excited to increase cardiovascular burden, and the probability of accidents, as to the dangers of sex outside marriage is even greater. Worth noting is that sexual intercourse or when sexual intercourse is found after rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, palpitation or appetite reduced myocardial injury symptoms, in addition to suspended sex lives should consult the doctor promptly and regularly monitor the changes of heart function.

(8) the digestive function

Gastrointestinal motility and emptying slows in the elderly, prone to constipation and other digestive problems. Not overeat before sexual intercourse or in full immediately after sexual intercourse, will affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.

(9) the urinary system function

Due to nerve reflexes slow, muscle weakness, by urinary voiding intervals decrease urinary incontinence caused by this possibility, it makes older people’s self-esteem hurt, will also cause inconvenience to life and social development. To empty the urine before sexual intercourse, usually pay attention to exercise muscles, helps to solve some problems that may occur when sexual intercourse.

(10) changes in reproductive system

Older women’s ovaries no longer produce estrogen, testosterone in elderly males significantly reduce, but sexuality remain. First, don’t believe the aging loss of libido so and, secondly, should seek guidance from the right of the elderly and education.

Summer beware of psychological heat stroke

Summer beware of psychological heat stroke
Summer, the scorching sun, hot pressing, hot weather so many people eat, sleep instability, resulting in dysfunctional biological clock at the same time, but also easy to cause psychological anxiety, irritability, good temper and other phenomena.
Psychological experts point out that, in fact, people’s emotions and the climate has a close relationship, when temperatures exceed 35 degrees Celsius, sunshine for more than 12 hours, climate change on human emotions significantly affect, resulting in emotional and cognitive behavior disorders.” In addition, high temperature weather led to a general decline in appetite, coupled with poor sleep quality and sweating, will affect the body electrolyte metabolism, thereby affecting the brain nerve activity, so that people’s emotional and behavioral abnormalities, that is, psychological heat stroke phenomenon.
Experts advise, eat light food, when the body sweating for a long time, drink plenty of water at the same time should be appropriate to add salt, drink some soup, a disorder of the nervous system to help prevent electrolyte disorder caused by. Clothing can choose white, light blue, light green color; pay attention to rest, sleep quality, and according to the characteristics of the summer, should adjust their pace of life; irritability when listen to soothing music, relax, meet the unsatisfactory unpleasant things, it is best to calm down and avoid stamp with rage, and temporary withdrawal; usually communicate with friends, so as to alleviate the psychological pressure.

Over reliance will be accelerated aging

Long long ago a person was old, the body will be old, the function will be degraded, the physical strength will be weakened, and this is not the natural law. Children, relatives and rest Institute staff, give the elderly some love and care is as it should be, which will bring more convenient to the daily life of the elderly, the elderly really well, a feeling of happiness, for that they are carefree dignity. However, from the old people’s physical health and mental health care, life in old age is too dependent on others to take care of, it is easy to have some side effects, which is the most important is to accelerate the aging of people.

Zhang and Liu and retired cadres, two people to be roughly the same age. Zhang due to the children in the side, many living things and don’t want to trouble others are run, do their own, from buying food to cook engage in health, greeting sent to friends. But everyone said, Zhang retirement these years nothing changes, a little old. And Liu is different, the event by retired cadres staff help to do, living things depend on in the busy side of the sons and daughters, Liu is a day doing nothing. Results in his body is to be more lazy, head is to be more heavy, serious illness although not discover, ailment has continued all day in a dazely, listless, microscopic 7 said he was old T. seems, elderly life have to rely on, do appropriate is a good thing, excessive reliance on it may turn into a bad thing.

Children honor their parents is as it should be, but the children have their own things to do. Therefore, asked the children constantly in the side, or on call, these are not realistic, it is unreasonable. From the satisfaction of the psychological needs of the elderly, the parents of the children have a dependence on the feelings of the following reasons.
1, the old people unique loneliness and loneliness, so that the elderly need more intimate relationship.
Since 2, busy to idle, have yet to find new alternative events in life.
3, the scope of interpersonal communication is narrow, the life of a close friend is not much.
4, the old couple communication and exchange of quality is not high, is love and care of the psychological satisfaction degree.
5, the future life without goals, life in a daze.
6, the future life without goals, life in a daze.
First, from the angle of psychology, too dependent on others is premature to to oneself into the ranks of the elderly, that he was old and feeble, is useless the. Once a person’s mood once is incompetent, useless, helpless, it is easy to lose the independence and subjective initiative of life, too lazy to arrange their own life, so as to further accelerate physical and mental aging. Generally speaking, a person from jobs retired a few years ago, the body healthier, more vigorous effort, have a stronger ability to live independently, completely don’t have to rely on others, to give yourself a “I’m ok. ,. I’m not old. Psychological suggestion, will have the spirit.

Secondly, some chronic diseases of the old comrades, originally after recuperation and functional training, can be gradually improved or recovered. But if too dependent on other people’s care, always feel left out of their own, they will lose confidence and will to overcome the disease, weakening their immune function and inherent resistance. From the loss of confidence, to the loss of capacity, their own tree. “Enemy into lethal barrier recovery. As the saying goes. Use it, you don’t have to go back.. For some old age, it is not possible to rely solely on the care of others. There is a 76 year old elderly, the thigh bone fracture in bed for more than 3 months can not play. When the fixed plaster is open, the old man’s leg muscles have been severely atrophic, unable to stand, his family to give him a wheelchair. Did not expect the strong man, simply adhere to the teeth, a little something practice standing, walking training, finally can proudly, independent living the. If he removed the plaster, he sat in a wheelchair to take care of others, maybe he really must always be with the wheelchair as a partner.

In addition, the elderly avoid over reliance on others, independently arrange their own lives, but also to effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the retirement is not just to let their own body to rest, the elderly should be based on their own interests and hobbies, to make their own retirement life arranged to be rich and meaningful. Old people should also pay attention to the cultivation of new points of interest, especially for their sports, don’t let yourself idle. In this way, not only can make their own body to get the appropriate exercise, but also through the use of their brains, cultivate sentiments, to prevent premature aging of the brain.
A song to sing well. The revolution forever young, she is like a big pine evergreen —. Old friends may wish to consider retirement life as a new starting point of life, is to enter the old age of new beginning, relying on their own, with their own hands to dress up the beautiful scenery of the sunset!

The harm of excessive caffeine

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You may not be surprised, substances causing high anxiety among others, caffeine, caffeine in coffee, tea, Cola, Chairman of excitatory substance. For most people, regular doses of caffeine to improve mood and mental performance is relatively safe. But for some brain cells in people who are sensitive to caffeine, 5-6 cups of coffee a day can lead to certain recognized psychiatric symptoms. Zeng further large amount of caffeine, according to individual sensitivity to caffeine, but overwhelming control of more butter people. As a matter of fact. United States Institute of psychoanalysis “caffeine intoxication” as a mental disorder, its symptoms include nervousness, excitement, anxiety, tachycardia, insomnia, irritability, thought, and speech disorder. Huatelide medical center of psychoanalysis as the Washington, DC, former Director of the Research Office Johns · Germany points out, symptoms of neurosis and anxiety symptoms of caffeine intoxication in essence distinction purely wasted a lot of testing in clinical treatment, large amounts of sedatives and psychiatric care, these are to find a disease that does not exist, but simply due to the excessive application of caffeine. Dr greed recommends that says some people are likely to need drugs to relieve anxiety, but for some people, removing caffeine may be better than taking any other medicines.


You may will awareness to himself, and family members or friends is suffered with like one 37 age Colonel by experience of test; up two years of long of chronic anxiety, including daily sleepy, and quite shake, and on work results of worried, and stomach does not apply sense, and disturbed, and repeatedly diarrhea, and insomnia, and sleep Shi network very short, and easy woke up I in standard of anxiety test in the scored high, description anxiety degree quite serious. Three laboratory tests found no abnormality; ordinary doses of valium and other sedatives did not work, and to do its work. When he finally encounters greed recommends huatelide Washington Military Medical Center Dr, greed recommends doctor told him caffeine intoxication may be the main reason for their anxiety. The Colonel could hardly believe it. For him, 8~14 cups of coffee a day was routine and was “necessary”. When anxiety is hard to bear when he quit caffeine. Symptoms begin within 1 month, 3 months after the trapped Utah anxiety magically disappear for a long time.


Obviously, as mentioned in Dr UDE, some big breasts more sensitive to medications, panic patients with mental anchor drink less caffeine will only lose self-control. But may also occur with different doses of caffeine can cause many non-suspicious individuals, including children in panic-prone mental anchor, fear and anxiety. Course, are suspicious of the nervous system, caffeine only cause anxiety and fear for the caffeine-induced anxiety and panic disorder common? Maikelaimu of the London Psychoanalytic Institute, Dr Bruce said caffeine was neglected for severe anxiety and discomfort of the predisposing factors. In a recent study, he found 25 ZR anxiety patients miraculously returned to normal after the removal of coffee. Dr Bruce said more typical is the case of a 33-year old female patient, she had severe anxiety and discomfort for a long time, 10 m 2-3 panic attacks every week, medication and psychotherapy are not valid. As the United Kingdom part of traditional life, her 99 drinking about 9 cups of tea a day, the equivalent of 540 mg of caffeine or 5-6 Cup of coffee. As an attempt, Dr Bruce unnecessarily play John Brown for 1 week. She felt the condition immediately improved, immediately cancel the drug treatment. Her panic attacks disappeared. Never relapse, except in rare circumstances, such as when she was a week when more than half a cup of tea intake, excess of Yao Fei also can trigger panic attacks.