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Health Spring seasonal features

In spring, everything comes, vitality, Yang first, and fresh, is the most beautiful season in a year. However, in this beautiful season hidden worries and pitfalls. Weather is changeable in spring, air temperature, air pressure very easily lead to mutations of human emotions, mental disturbance, which make some people feel vulnerable to depression or anger, so spring should pay attention to regulating mental and psychological balance.
Springtime, spring comes, and it is. The cold, the most difficult to deliver unto thee sehon. When the people most vulnerable to the cold got wet, so spring clothing according to the climate change increases or decreases in due course, pay attention to the wind and cold,
Yin Sun convergence. Meanwhile, as spring temperatures rise, increasing air temperature and humidity on HIV, microbes are easy to breed and spread, particularly viruses, popular infectious diseases, influenza, measles, pneumonia, meningitis and other diseases continue to occur; born new infectious diseases, such as SARS viral. avian influenza ravaged the world. Everyone should pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene, the prevention and control of infectious diseases.