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Self adaptation — age

Why admit that you are old ?
Some old people, at the beginning of the people forget, feel sadness welling up, sad dispirited, scared n at the end of the world is coming, the inner panic, and in desperation, complaining, in vain sigh. Even Du Fu the poet, also lamented the “difficult to bitter hate complex cream, a new stop cups. , but to alcoholism, dispel old sadness, and even to. Jianghan. , scheduled for their own home. In fact, this is not. Illness and death, of course, is the suffering of life, but is a natural process, is inevitable, the elderly and youth in difficult to distinguish the pros and cons. Old although not less than, but older ‘experience, the elderly leisurely, sophistication of older, I’m afraid nor the young people can achieve. The old Cheng Yu xin. Is life of hardship, suffered the joys of life. Du Fu to survey the world, look at yourself, the article also contains a Ru with rich connotation of social life.
As the elderly naturally can not be like Du Fu told the “juvenile Qiu Chang quite clear crazy” as top gun, indulge in the joy, but an old man and may not be entered the ring in, or to eats, sleeps and conduct oneself in society, interpersonal skills. Old people how to do the right thing, which is a lot of old people have to think, have to choose the life issues. Some elderly people dissatisfied with the old, the pursuit of “laojifuli. ,. I admire the spirit of old but vigorous. But after all, the old man is old, can not take the attitude of non recognition. Old and old, this is. Have no alternative but to spend. The things that you can’t do!
Therefore, the elderly must admit that they are indeed old, not old, the kind of thinking that young people can do their own thing, or think they are better than the young people can do the mentality of their own is not good. Because of its limited energy and deterioration of the minds, to engage in not by force and transaction, with the passage of time, even if it does not break down from constant overwork, the psychological stress, it is easy to ruin their own body.
American scientist Dr. Schini has proposed 10 useful laws for the life of the elderly.
1, even if you are not sick, it is best to use a cane, increase the body’s balance, reduce the possibility of falling.
2, don’t be too confident about your memory. It’s best to take a pen or a small tape recorder, especially on the bed, and when you remember something or have any new ideas, you can record it at any time.
3, easy to use, in the side to prepare commonly used items, and placed be arranged in good order in their own position.
4, maintain a strict diet, regular exercise, do some chores, reading books and newspapers.
5, according to their own subjective and objective conditions, choose to learn something new, in the television or radio should try to watch or listen to some of the programs for the elderly, or raise flowers, collecting stamps, listening to music, and so on.
6, don’t let others do the things you can do for you.
7, with the children together, and they can play with them, a joke, with young people or children get along, it is best to take them as friends, this relationship will get better.
8, avoid thinking or talking about death, otherwise it will add a sense of fear, affect the life of the fun.
9, do not in front of others talk about their risk of disease or their own past, also do not have their usual imposed to young people or of people temper, which can avoid trouble or less suffer indignities.
When you are 10, because of their age and the occurrence of a phenomenon, don’t worry, you can laugh away. Anyone who has a sense of humor is easy to break down.

The more you forget, the more you get.

There is a saying. To live long, often empty in the brain.. This is the golden key to the health and longevity of the elderly, the vicissitudes of life, not to remember, should forget things a lot.

Forget the fame and fortune, especially the old people, don’t look too heavy, to hold. Fame line Shenwaizhiwu, living not bring, bring death. Idea.
Forget their own offspring — Er Sunfu.. Poor world parents heart. Willing to do for the children, horses, meet the eye everywhere. Where there is life, not worry about, in fact,. Their own life. For the children and grandchildren, even if you save a family, once your grandchildren will not live up to our expectations, qingkezhijian squandered.

Forget age – keep the energy. As the saying goes,. People do not think the old, the veteran is not.. People’s physiological calm is objective, but the mental age is different, it reflects the people’s mental state. Some people just over his sixtieth year, continue to imply that their old, distance of life end closer to the fire in psychology is the enemy of good health and longevity.

Forget the hatred – tolerance of the things to the people. Because a person planted the seeds of hatred, they want to revenge, Sheng to do everything possible to think of revenge methods, such as the opportunity, so that people can not rest in peace.

Forget to get angry – gas is too sick to regret. If a hit or think of angry, bristle, unable to control their emotions, often makes the heart beat faster, blood pressure, blood jam, Yun to will breathed his last and died.

Forget to worry – don’t let the patient get wrapped up. The old people in sorrow, will make the body’s immunity is greatly reduced, not only will make the body organs of the body to secrete function disorders, activity disorders, and will provide favorable conditions for the invasion of the outside world. Long time of sorrow, will lead to diseases, will eventually die.

Forget to regret – past let it go. Everything that makes one regret, has become history with the passing years. Learn to be generous, it is necessary to get up, put it down, total to want to regret things, not only did not what benefits, and can only make people sad, sad, La Tortura, with the passing of time will be a detriment to health.

Forget to die. Who lives in life without death.. Don’t be old. Death. Keep in mind, don’t afraid of death. All day long to figure it out on my own is not suffering from any disease, a little discomfort, suspicious, holding this fragile heart, will only make the body lack of proper resistance, to hasten death.

The elderly can celebrate life

How much time is left in the life of people from the age of 60 years, and may be very few people seriously thought about it. Although each person’s situation is different, according to China’s 1999 population average life expectancy statistics, in general, to 60 years of age, the male population can also be an average of 15.9 years, the average survival of the female population of 18.8 years. In the 60 year old male, 63% of people can live to be 80 years old, 60 year old woman, 72% of people can live to 80 years old. In other words, from the age of 60, the vast majority of people still have more than 20 years. Some people live longer than 30 years, and 90 years, if you live to be 100 years old, that’s 40 years. So, how to spend the long old age, how can we make the old life happy and meaningful?.
Life life is summarized and the end result of a person’s life. When every person in life at the end of the station, are faced with the bitter, old, celebrate the choice. Many people in the pursuit of dignity, and takes it as the best destination; more people because of poverty, illness, loneliness and frustration in lamenting the bitterness in his later years but there are also some of the wisdom of the old man in the pursuit to celebrate life.
At present, many people pursue with dignity, but not a high level to celebrate. They believe that the basic survival condition is satisfied, income, although not many, but the reliable fixation, no disease no disaster or minor illnesses small disaster; although the children not filial piety, but passable. Face saving. Home, performance is passable although friction, but minor. In this. Old. In such an old man has no spirit to seek and continue to forge ahead, and also lost the opportunity to use the brain (there are many people mistakenly think that the brain is to protect the brain, brain will find the brain). Their understanding of life in old age is not comprehensive, life style is also more improper, so it is possible to lead to Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases, the results are. Old. Is not satisfied with. A “not changle.
At the end of the 20th century, many places present “positive pension, to celebrate the old age” slogan, won the heart of the elderly, to enable them to realize that “to celebrate. Be better than Pass’, and to achieve. To celebrate. , but also need to carry out the concept of renewal.
(1) get rid of the old shadow
Over 60 years of age will have a fear of death, the future of the negative thinking, such as the psychological aging will lead to real physiological aging, which is the long life of the times not long to mislead thinking. The west is so popular. If you think you are not old, you are always young, if you think you are old, you are really old. “Visible. Recognize old. Or not entirely in their own state of mind. Mental age is different from the calendar age, it is reversible to update the concept, mental age can renew one’s youth. Therefore, the international proposed not to live a hundred years old is their own words. You know, the first thing is the joyous mood of life Deng Shou domain.
(2) love life, like activities
Old people should have a clear goal of life and strong spiritual support, in a limited time to live meaningful I also should be enthusiastic about the party, in the activities to contribute, to play a talent, and to get satisfaction and motivation, experience their own value of life.
(3) the mood is happy, can control the mood
Elderly people should keep a tolerant, chic, pleasure, satisfaction and positive emotion, prosperity is not ecstasy, misfortune and adversity is not pessimistic, not disappointed, what things will take it calmly, is of death should also be considered a complete rest.
(4) interpersonal harmony, family harmony
Old people should do sincere feelings, approachable, forgiving, full of sense of humor, people have been properly evaluated, both to understand and be understood, trust, understanding, respect heart get along with people, heavy degree give. , not heavy “take. Family harmony between husband and wife, for both love and loving father, faithful son, junior, and strict.
(5) the pursuit of individuality liberation
The potential is enormous, capacities and talents are in many aspects, but by the careers and the time constraints, often only in one aspect of development, the other is buried is not released. And the old man retired. Time of the rich. And have a chance to fully play its some personality to round childhood dream of being a writer, painter dream, calligrapher, dream, travel dream I have to dream of youth of the University. They don’t meet in degrees play the heat “formulation, think this is the glory of a late bloomer., and not the waste heat dissipated life in the extension.
(6) for the summit experience
Maslow believes that mental health of high level is the peak experience. Its main characteristics are: one is people in life, work, study or investment nature, due to investors, to experience the a very wonderful, obsession, selfless, and integration with external feeling, at this time the mood is very full, rising and life more confidence. Two is that people in the pursuit of higher demand, autonomy and relative independence have been strengthened.

Human body in possession of death hormone

With the development of modern science and technology, people finally not only can calmly face up to death, but also gradually Liaokai death in a veil of mystery, uncover the dark gloomy. House of death. Some foreign scientists have found that death is related to a substance known as the death hormone produced by the organism itself.

Scientists used the octopus to do the test to prove it. Female Octopus started on the 6th day of ovulation, uncharacteristically, become very tame, began a hunger strike, wholeheartedly hatching eggs. After 40 days, the children were hatched, the female Octopus life has come to an end. Why would the octopus in children after the woman quietly died? Scientists study found that octopus had the back of the eye sockets are a pair of glands, which pair of glands to time secrete a chemical substance, has led to the death of the octopus. Biologists say the chemical is. Death hormone.

Human beings have this kind of death hormone, after the study found that the human death hormone in the human brain, is the pituitary, it is only 5 grams of weight, but the regulation, control of human growth and development, reproduction and metabolism, it is important to promote thyroid gland *. Once the thyroid hormone stops, people will die. Scientists have shown that the pituitary gland is released regularly. Death hormone. Death hormone affects human life, which makes people die.

In order to prove this, the scientists made a contrast experiment with the old body of rats. Scientists first removed the pituitary gland, in order not to affect the secretion of other hormones, but also on the transplantation of artificial thyroid hormone. A miracle: the immune function of old rats and the cardiovascular system has returned to life. It can be seen that the “death hormone” secreted by the pituitary is a very important reason for the promotion of human death.