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Understanding Hepar, for health


Hepar is generally located in the right hypochondriac region and epigastric region, most of them are costal arch cover. Only in the abdominal area and right costal arch asked a fraction of exposed and are in direct contact with the anterior abdominal wall, Hepar and the upper part of the neurological and anterior abdominal wall is connected. From the point of view of body surface projection, the Hepar margin in the right midclavicular line the fifth rib; Hepar margin in the right side of the midline of right monium bone, which is consistent with the right costal arch. Some think, if in the adult Hepar costal arch is palpable, many pathological hepatomegaly. The position of the lower edge of the Hepar is generally lower, and the small part is normal.

The location of the Hepar can be changed with the breathing, the general calm breathing when the lift up to 2 ~ 3cm, standing breathing slightly decreased, supine breathing when a slight rise.

How big is the human body?






Normal Hepar of human body is reddish brown, soft texture, weight of about 2% of body weight. According to statistics, China’s adult Hepar weight, the male is 1157 ~ 1447g, the female is 1 029-1379g, the most weight is about 2000g, the length, width, thickness of Hepar is about 25 2cm. 15 8cm. 5 8cm.

What are the other physiological functions of the Hepar?

(I) function of the secretion and discharge of bile. Hepar in 24 hours can produce about 1 liters of bile, the bile duct transported to the gallbladder, gallbladder from the function of concentration and discharge of bile, bile can promote the digestion and absorption of fat in the small intestine.

(2) detoxification function. Toxic substances produced by foreign or in vivo metabolism, which are required to be toxic to the Hepar and thus degrade into non-toxic or soluble substances, and then excreted in bile or urine.



(3) immune function. The Hepar is a human immune defense system turned to organs. Mononuclear macrophage 90% exists in the Hepar, can swallow leisure all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and some proinflammatory cytokines, intrahepatic some cells also secrete “cell factor” and “hasten factor, can play a local immune regulation. Hepar disease, the body will lose some immune function, infection caused by a variety of opportunities will increase.

(4) the function of the blood. The Hepar is the main hematopoietic organ in the fetus, and it is replaced by the bone marrow in the adult, and the function of blood is stopped, but the function can be recovered in some pathological conditions. In addition, almost all of the clotting factors are synthesized by the Hepar. The Hepar plays an important role in maintaining the dynamic balance of the two systems of human blood coagulation and anticoagulation. So the severity of Hepar function damage is parallel to the degree of blood coagulation disorders, Hepar function failure often occurs severe bleeding.


The importance of reasonable rest for patients with liver disease


The reasonable rest is sometimes better than drug therapy for hepatitis B. Some people with hepatitis patients to seven points to three points of treatment”. When significant liver damage, with appropriate bed rest, increase blood flow to the liver, improving liver nutrition and oxygen supply, and reduced metabolites, especially reduced lactate production, so as to reduce the burden of the liver, promote the recovery of liver cell, promote liver acne healing, reduce sequela. Therefore, acute or chronic hepatitis B patients should strengthen the rest, avoid fatigue.


On the other hand, it should be clear that the rest of the hepatitis B virus is one of the basic measures of treatment. However, the rest should be reasonable, if not considering the severity and incidence of illness, and excessive emphasis on bed rest will be counterproductive. So except for acute and chronic active hepatitis, persisting type recovery period and chronic inactive hepatitis patients, should gradually increase the amount of activity, by combination of dynamic and static way of relaxing.


Why should we pay attention to the patients with liver disease?

Some patients left hospital, that everything will be fine. And it does not pay attention to rest, the disease progression, recurrence and others because of the temporary indulgence causing irreparable results. The pathological repair of the liver is far more slowly than the clinical indicators. After 3 months of clinical cure, the liver pathology was gradually restored.

During the rehabilitation period, it is not suitable for the work and the more strenuous exercise. But it doesn’t have to stay in bed. In general, mild housework and non strenuous exercise, such as walking, exercise, Tai Chi can participate in. After the event felt a slight sweating, rest after a sense of physical ease is appropriate.


Effect of spinach

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If someone told you that green vegetables helps improve mood 7 or you down just because you’re not eating enough beans and green leafy vegetables? it’s almost impossible. Unlikely anyone ever tell you. However surprisingly medicine has proved that Americans in particular United States women’s widespread lack of Indigo will cause mental anchor. Especially depression and schizophrenia and mental decline. Folic acid is from the green leafy vegetables high in vitamin b, at best content I ever get rich. Scientists have recognized as broken as a role of antidepressant substances.

McGill University’s Dr. Kimberly Young has a lot of evidence that Ye Shu Xia spent about suppression, and folic acid. Elimination of folic acid deficiency can cure depression. Yang stated, on how widespread the effects of folic acid in brain function, it is obvious: the various forms of mental disorder patients, especially depression patients, usually Folate deficiency is likely to be higher than that of ordinary people, and low folate spirit sound out a patient’s condition is more serious. He said there are good reasons why the living Su deficiency causes depression, one of the reasons is that Ye Yanxia spent will cause the brain it is HT levels.

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Airbrushing in the experimental subjects were eating folic acid foods 5 months later, day out Zhao, forgetfulness, easily. Restore vitamin intake can make the most of the symptoms disappear within 2 days. you have the anti-endostatin on Liao Dali role, which will be filed by taking for treatment of 75 cases of anti-patient, double-blind trials. Researchers asked half the subjects taking 200 mg of folic acid (equivalent to folic acid content in 3/4 cup spinach) 1 year and half took a placebo and found that folic acid depression significantly improved. Yang suggested that folic acid-sensitive individuals taking 200-509 mg per day have the anti-endostatin, which obtained Suo Keshan of subsistence food. But it should also be noted that large doses of Ye Rong may have toxic effects.


Food can relieve tension and anxiety


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Feeling stress, irritability, stress, anxiety is a natural thing, everyone can occur at any time. But for many people, the anxiety may be chronic and severe, can lead to fear, not confidence, and tachycardia caused by sudden discomfort, sweating and shaking. Strong, sustained lead to job anxiety to panic and a sense of impotence. You can use food to relieve the State of tension, anxiety, certain foods and beverages can act as a sedative or anxiety agent, cause the brain to calm or excitement.

Alcohol can cause anxiety
Drinking and anxiety often occur simultaneously, but people often drink to clear anxiety, can you or some of the more sensitive and often heavy drinkers who quit drinking can eliminate the pathological anxiety. Dr UDE stated, many patients even drinking a small amount of alcohol can also cause panic in 6-12 hours or frequent sense of fear. After the alcohol is removed, the symptoms disappeared, Dr UDE calls this concept as “small withdrawal syndrome.” Many experts speculate that panic patients can only drink very little alcohol, they drank a small amount of wine will be GA normal drink wine, get the same brain neurotransmitter activity.



Regardless of the circumstances, Dr Mudd’s proposal does not apply any panic patients should stop drinking or drink no more than a day 1-2 cup, to see if alcohol panics. He said if you see very small amounts can cause anxiety or panic, then you should complete abstinence. Judith MIT · Dr Altman says, choosing the right foods, the right amount, at the right time, the effect will be as effective as a sedative. 53-7O grams of sugar (equivalent to 2 tablespoons half sugar) can lead to formation of 5-HT, and 5-HT can in less than 20 minutes reduce or ease focus of child abuse.


Effects of caffeine on mood



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Caffeine is the most widely used in the world of mental stimulation drugs and has a refreshing effect. Recently found that caffeine has a good effect, which can explain the centuries m people use caffeine to reduce morning blather, improved this afternoon and evening scent, base to ease the bad mood or inhibition. People often say that will bring 1 cup of coffee in the morning with a big smile, this is real.

John · Huo Fu University of psychoanalysis, neuroscience Professor Roland · Griffiths focuses on the wide use of caffeine. Studies have shown that caffeine can improve a person’s feelings, a sense of well-being, or even pleasure, and this is where people deliberately seek. Heavy caffeine-timely rain people guide for appropriate dependence on caffeine, give yourself satisfaction, reduce their anxiety. Regular caffeine consumers be the distinct impression of coffee containing caffeine, to measure the unmarked coffee, regular caffeine consumers can more easily find and drink a lot of caffeinated coffee. Star services University of the health sciences in Maryland, Professor of medical psychology, Andrew · Baum said that in order to get the same stress, have to drink more coffee. 48 serious according to frame the subject of coffee, no matter how much participants degree of addiction to coffee Yan Xun, each 1 cup of coffee every morning will be Lai with prickles.

In the morning, the subject inadvertently drinking 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee or tea, and Chang anger, distillation, they become irritable, lazy, complaining of headaches, poor intelligence work. Discovery down them, as long as 1 cup of caffeinated coffee, their feelings will change, becoming less tense, well done intelligence work. Dr Baum said better is to just 1 cup of coffee every day will make every morning have a good command of Jing, even on the people who drink a lot of coffee a day, too. United States aigengli University’s Melvin · Dr Kono said, it seems like there are millions of people who drink a lot of coffee, in fact, consciously or unconsciously with suppression treated with coffee, and each of us are almost all widely exists a level of depression.


Melvin · Said Dr Kono, donated most of the brain physiology study shows that caffeine is a secretion and inhibition resistance agent, and built with moderate depression effects of caffeine are not high, do not need medicine. He used caffeine has a long history of safety as an example, Yu not antidepressant drugs and Che, caffeine in centuries has been for a long time I have taken billions of times. No prescription will have a similar experience without the star side effects. Justify a dose of security, at least two cups a day is quite safe. Too much caffeine can harm health and mood, sleep, anxiety, painting all of which depend on the individual tolerance to caffeine. Small doses of caffeine can improve a person’s mood and performance, while large doses of caffeine on people.
Mental and physical health. But how will the removal of caffeine? Seymour at mengtefeier Medical Center in New York City, Solomon said. Cancel the habitual coffee drinkers. In addition can cause headache, can also cause depression. According to JI grant Griffiths study, according to differences in reactions generally occurred 1-2 days of depression, long lasting 1 week or so, this is normal after removing caffeine. Sound quit-by-caffeine can alleviate depression.


Seafood can improve mood


22 222 2222 22222   You may have heard that fish is your brain food. There is now new evidence shows that the food improves the mood for seafood, for the following reasons: seafood trace Beijing high selenium content in food, and plenty of evidence to show a lack of selenium are more prone to suppression. Weiershisiwanxi University psychologist David · The town and Richard · Cook recently showed that eating less of selenium are more likely to have anxiety, depression, fatigue, feeling will improve after the intake of sufficient quantities of selenium. In a control experiment, 50 cases of 14-74 healthy men and women. 5 weeks to 100 micrograms of selenium a day or placebo, simultaneous measurement of selenium in the diet. From beginning to end through a series of tests to break the mood, they’re more calm or Coke more child abuse, it is friendly or hostile, excitement was depressed, energetic or tired is not towers, mind is confusion.


Results were surprising: when subjects after big enough selenium intake, mood star improved, and lack of selenium in if they had more, mood improve more stars. The researchers speculated that traces of selenium deficiency, insufficient in case of that disease, mood-setting up a barrier. Therefore correct the lack of traces of selenium can normalize the mood, but more selenium intake does not further improve mood. Bad mood associated with SE Gorge spent Ching again. Researchers found 72 micrograms of selenium a day individuals, increased intake of selenium posterior awareness improved significantly. England selenium intake is less, only 43 mg, selenium in the Chinese diet is lacking. How selenium affects the mind is not clear, but may be related to their antioxidant capacity. In another study, elderly refuse to use selenium and life after su e and other antioxidants, mind and intelligence situation is significantly improved cerebral blood flow is also a star increases. To study found that elderly patients with obsession with fruit, including antioxidant, selenium may improve mood and mental performance, researchers speculate that selenium in Wales, however there may be some unknown neurological function.

Selenium in foods come from food grains, seafood, and meat. But if you want a real selenium supplements. Try Brazil triangle pick Hu. Said tangnadeyilisike, Director of Pathology at Cornell University chemistry laboratory, most nuts are selenium-rich foods, eat nuts every day can ensure will never lack of selenium. He found that the triangular Walnut grows in excess selenium in soil, so very high levels of selenium, 2,500 times as long as other fruits. Leask found that eating half a dozen nuts can quickly raise the level of selenium in the blood of 100% 350%. But we should not eat too much, because the toxic effects of selenium.


The harm of excessive caffeine

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You may not be surprised, substances causing high anxiety among others, caffeine, caffeine in coffee, tea, Cola, Chairman of excitatory substance. For most people, regular doses of caffeine to improve mood and mental performance is relatively safe. But for some brain cells in people who are sensitive to caffeine, 5-6 cups of coffee a day can lead to certain recognized psychiatric symptoms. Zeng further large amount of caffeine, according to individual sensitivity to caffeine, but overwhelming control of more butter people. As a matter of fact. United States Institute of psychoanalysis “caffeine intoxication” as a mental disorder, its symptoms include nervousness, excitement, anxiety, tachycardia, insomnia, irritability, thought, and speech disorder. Huatelide medical center of psychoanalysis as the Washington, DC, former Director of the Research Office Johns · Germany points out, symptoms of neurosis and anxiety symptoms of caffeine intoxication in essence distinction purely wasted a lot of testing in clinical treatment, large amounts of sedatives and psychiatric care, these are to find a disease that does not exist, but simply due to the excessive application of caffeine. Dr greed recommends that says some people are likely to need drugs to relieve anxiety, but for some people, removing caffeine may be better than taking any other medicines.


You may will awareness to himself, and family members or friends is suffered with like one 37 age Colonel by experience of test; up two years of long of chronic anxiety, including daily sleepy, and quite shake, and on work results of worried, and stomach does not apply sense, and disturbed, and repeatedly diarrhea, and insomnia, and sleep Shi network very short, and easy woke up I in standard of anxiety test in the scored high, description anxiety degree quite serious. Three laboratory tests found no abnormality; ordinary doses of valium and other sedatives did not work, and to do its work. When he finally encounters greed recommends huatelide Washington Military Medical Center Dr, greed recommends doctor told him caffeine intoxication may be the main reason for their anxiety. The Colonel could hardly believe it. For him, 8~14 cups of coffee a day was routine and was “necessary”. When anxiety is hard to bear when he quit caffeine. Symptoms begin within 1 month, 3 months after the trapped Utah anxiety magically disappear for a long time.


Obviously, as mentioned in Dr UDE, some big breasts more sensitive to medications, panic patients with mental anchor drink less caffeine will only lose self-control. But may also occur with different doses of caffeine can cause many non-suspicious individuals, including children in panic-prone mental anchor, fear and anxiety. Course, are suspicious of the nervous system, caffeine only cause anxiety and fear for the caffeine-induced anxiety and panic disorder common? Maikelaimu of the London Psychoanalytic Institute, Dr Bruce said caffeine was neglected for severe anxiety and discomfort of the predisposing factors. In a recent study, he found 25 ZR anxiety patients miraculously returned to normal after the removal of coffee. Dr Bruce said more typical is the case of a 33-year old female patient, she had severe anxiety and discomfort for a long time, 10 m 2-3 panic attacks every week, medication and psychotherapy are not valid. As the United Kingdom part of traditional life, her 99 drinking about 9 cups of tea a day, the equivalent of 540 mg of caffeine or 5-6 Cup of coffee. As an attempt, Dr Bruce unnecessarily play John Brown for 1 week. She felt the condition immediately improved, immediately cancel the drug treatment. Her panic attacks disappeared. Never relapse, except in rare circumstances, such as when she was a week when more than half a cup of tea intake, excess of Yao Fei also can trigger panic attacks.